Transform Your Business

From The Inside Out

Transform Your Business

From The Inside Out

Break Unhelpful Patterns, Beliefs & Habits to Unlock Limitless Opportunities for Business Success

Break Unhelpful Patterns, Beliefs & Habits to Unlock Limitless Opportunities for Business Success


Discover the habits of successful entrepreneurs cultivate to make their wellness business a massive success.


Uncover the powerful inner game strategies that smart female entrepreneurs use to grow their business from the inside out.


Break through your inner limits to achieve the business success that you deserve.

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If you have found yourself here, I’m willing to bet that:

You have a deeper knowing that you were meant for more in your business.
But something is holding you back….

You’ve done ALL the strategising, extra training perhaps you’ve hired a marketing coach (or 4!) , but your business is still not gaining traction.

Something keeps holding you back.

I’ve been in business for a very long time and if there’s one thing I know, it’s this:

The thing that may be preventing your business success may just be you! (Yes I know that may sting a little – it did for me too!)

But stick with me…

Because sometimes those things that sting and trigger us are really our greatest gifts and teachers…if we let them in.
In order to grow a wildly successful business, it is essential to grow the owner of that business.

How do I know this? …

Because I was you.

I still am, in many ways.

Hi, I’m Claire.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist, coach and teacher since 2007 and I’ve learned to master the art of turning down the volume on my inner critic in business (isn’t she LOUD??)

I’ve been through all the stumbling blocks we face as heart-led female entrepreneurs and I’ve learned how to unleash my highest potential and rise in my business.

I’ve made my therapy and coaching business not only work, but thrive – even through economic recession, personal upheaval and experiencing the horrors of a long and painful fertility journey.

Through working in an extremely sensitive niche AND through the ultimate juggling-act that is being a mum in business.

The key to success?

It’s all in YOU.

Your inner game, your worthiness, your limitless mindset.


I would highly recommend Claire – she is so empathetic and inspiring. Claire has been a beacon of light and a pillar of strength for me.T. Fitzgerald

Your responsiveness, the guidance and coaching was phenomenal! It was so amazing to be able to dig into the emotional blocks and see how releasing those blocks have really helped me grow into a new person.LK, United States

I knew I needed support but wasn’t sure where to go and I’m so glad I chose to contact Claire as working with her has changed my life!GL, Cork, Ireland

Want to discover how I can help you grow your business and life – from the inside out?

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