To achieve our goals in life and business, we must step into our next- level identity.

# percentage of how much I attribute mindset to success capacity in business and in life.

# percentage that I believe that the conscious mind makes up in facilitating transformation.

# of years that I've been witnessing people change radically from the inside out.

About Me

Claire is best known for her ground-breaking work in the fertility and birth world, but has found herself navigating all areas of life and business with her clients and communities, especially achieving personal and professional mastery through subconscious transformation.

As one of the first hypnobirthing teachers in Ireland back in 2008, she really had her work cut out in taking this amazing, positive psychology birthing ethos from being ‘alternative’ and ‘a bit woo-woo’ to becoming a preferred choice for conscious parents-to-be, who wanted to experience birth in a more empowered and positive way.

Claire’s classes began filling fast – with couples travelling to attend from other Irish counties, purely from referrals from word of mouth and the medical community.

They were seeing the mind-blowing effects of the mind-body connection at play for expectant parents.

She’s so proud of having taught over 700 couples to date and indeed the ripple effect that has created throughout families in Ireland

These days Claire runs her transformational coaching & therapy business online – reaching her clients both locally and worldwide through her transformational programs and courses. 

Her area of specialism is helping frustrated, brilliant, spirited entrepreneurs and leaders to come out of the shadows and shine as they are supposed to – by transforming themselves from within, so that they can truly have the life, career and business of their dreams.

My long journey to my daughter was my most painful lesson and also my greatest blessing.

It’s no surprise to me looking back that I was sent the challenge of infertility. The very area I had chosen to specialise in with my work!

No matter how many treatments, tweaks, tests we had – I WAS SABOTAGING THE PROCESS!

Following some intense unblocking work with my coach and through using my beloved hypnotherapy for myself, I finally became pregnant.

It came to show me my mission in life.

To guide me to my purpose and my passion of showing others the limitless potential they hold within.

It’s made me a more conscious mother and has certainly made me adapt the lessons I learned and apply them in my business.

I believe that we can all rewire our brains and recalibrate / recondition our bodies to achieve unlimited greatness in our lives and businesses. 

It is my mission to demonstrate this to as many humans as I can reach.

I’ve been told many times that I am an expert in leading people home to themselves.

The funny thing is though… It’s NOT about me.

Whenever someone thanks me for the transformations they have experienced in their lives and in business – I always show them the mirror so they can see themselves…



The untapped potential that can be discovered when they make space and break down those inner blocks which can prevent the flow of life.

Let’s face it … our business is a direct reflection of ourselves.

My assessment personally and also through the results of the people I’ve supported throughout the years – is that success in business is

✓ 90% mindset 

✓ 10% strategy

The greatest limitations we have are the ones we have in our mind.

The ones that we place upon ourselves again and again.

The Official Bio

Claire Brett is a Transformational Therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and success mindset coach.

She has been helping her clients and communities to shed their old skin, move past their inner limitations and achieve the life and business they so richly deserve for over 12 years now.

Claire has a deep passion for helping heart-led entrepreneurs, leaders and coaches with big dreams and missions to increase both their passion and profit in business, by harnessing the most powerful business-building tool of all – their MINDSET.

Claire lives in Cork, Ireland with her husband and miracle little girl Jessica – who serves as her greatest teacher and her everyday proof that if you first SEE it, you most certainly can BE it.

She has experienced multiple transformations in her own life, thanks to the power of the inner work, but nothing gives her greater pride and joy than seeing the results her clients achieve.

The mission and the message is simple; 

You CAN achieve more than you ever dreamed possible and you are MORE THAN ENOUGH! 

Claire uses Transformational Therapy Techniques, Hypnosis, Mindset Coaching, NLP, and multiple other modalities to help her clients to create unshakeable self-belief and confidence, both professionally and personally – so that they can start living life on their terms and achieve mastery in all areas of their life.

Claire’s Professional Qualifications


Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy)


Trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy


Certified Fertility Coach (The Fertile Body Method)


Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator (The Hynobirthing Institute, USA)

Master Certified Coach and Practitioner of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and TIME Techniques


Certified Hypnofertility Therapist (The Hypnofertility Institute, USA)

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