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Transformed Inside Out:

I have been blessed to work with many amazing humans over the years.

Here are just some of their transformational success stories.

Emma Johnson
Energetic Business Coach

Kate Butler Ross
Story Coach and Content Expert

I just felt such a connection with Claire. I had been working on my mindset for years and I was ready to fast track the results.

I knew RTT can bring up some pretty personal things and I wanted to be working with somebody who I felt comfortable with and who I knew would hold space for me and be conscientious and empathetic.

Claire was certainly all of those things.

I highly recommend working with Claire in her Business Success Program to take your business to the next level. 

Since working with Claire, I attracted my highest paying dream client.

- CATE, Business Success Client

Before working with Claire, I was having problems moving my online business forward.  I was reluctant to get out there and be visible.  I knew what my block was,  but nothing I have done in the past could help me to move forward.  This same issue just kept popping up over and over.

I have contacted Claire after seeing her on the first day of a five day, Be seen.  Be heard.  Be of service.  She just resonated with me and working with her was the best decision I have made!

The RTT session we did help me to deal with emotions and limiting beliefs in a very gentle way.  This enabled me to be more visible and resilient, resulting in me making a giant leap in my business.   I love the fact that Claire has various tools like RTT, hypnosis and EFT, and she uses them in her unique way to get you fast and lasting results. 

Claire thank you so much for helping me to get out there and do my dream job!

- Magda

Before working with Claire, I was experiencing a lot of fear, self-doubt and anxiety about being visible in my business.  Showing up online and being vulnerable enough to connect with my audience the way I needed was not something I was finding easy and this was impacting on my mental health, my confidence, and my success. 

I was a people pleaser, overthinker, over-analyser and felt completely held back by my fears. I had been suffering with anxiety and depression for around a decade which I had been working on. 

Even though I had been working through my self-limiting mindset for some time, I couldn’t quite reach the depth I needed to heal the wounds of my past. I couldn’t quite reach the transformation I wanted and needed, that would allow me to step fully into my business in the way I wanted to …and to make the impact that I wanted to. 

I knew I needed to go deeper by using hypnotherapy, and what a transformation!

Within 3 months of working with Claire I have been able to completely reframe deep rooted fully unconscious beliefs that were holding me within a people pleasing mindset. I have gone from feeling I had to be in the background of everyone else’s lives, be concerned that what I was doing was right for others and fearing rejection and ridicule by being visible, to feeling aligned with myself and really connecting to my inner world and intuition where I now feel empowered and balanced. 

Working with Claire helped me to reconnect with myself and I could actually say to connect with the version of me who I was always meant to be.

For anyone who’s considering working with Claire but might be on the fence or considering putting it off, I would say do it and do it now. Throw yourself into your transformation as Claire provides such an amazing amount of support and encouragement, not to mention her amazing skills as a hypnotherapist and success mindset coach. Claire just knows what you need when you need it to breakthrough to the part of you that needs to be healed.

I can’t thank you enough Claire!

Rachel, Inner Calmness & Mindset Coach

“Thanks to Claire I am now in a peaceful place of acceptance and hope.

A place I never believed that I could ever get to.”


I would highly recommend Claire – she is so empathetic and inspiring. Claire has been a beacon of light and a pillar of strength for me.


“She is the most caring and inspiring person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting along this extremely difficult journey and she has been a pillar of strength to me over the past few months.  Claire has gone above and beyond to help get me where I need to be.”


“I am eternally grateful for your support and gentle guidance, Claire.”


“Claire takes so much time to offer her knowledge and support and I have always felt in safe, competent hands. The techniques I have learned have reduced my anxiety hugely.”


Your responsiveness, the guidance and coaching was phenomenal! It was so amazing to be able to dig into the emotional blocks and see how releasing those blocks have really helped me grow into a new person.


I knew I needed support but wasn’t sure where to go and I’m so glad I chose to contact Claire as working with her has changed my life!


“I really enjoyed refocusing my mind, rediscovering what I liked about myself and my life, repositioning my beliefs about my body and my abilities to not only get my life back but also turn me back into the positive person I was before my fertility struggles. I owe a huge part of that to the work I did with Claire – it was the best decision I made on our fertility journey.”


You allowed me to completely changed my mental approach, my belief system in myself and my ability to achieve motherhood at all after the losses we had.

As they say ‘ What the mind believes, the body achieves’.

So, thank you Universe for putting me in touch with Claire Brett and Claire THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!”


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