Today I wanted to talk to you about why regular business strategy doesn’t work for people working in the therapy profession, coaching, wellness, holistic practitioners. Why traditional marketing strategy doesn’t work for us?

I speak for my experience here, having been working in therapy and coaching for the last twelve years, training, coaching, therapy and I have bought all the courses. Maybe you can relate to this, I’ve bought all the courses, I’ve enrolled in all the programs, I have taken on coaches and mentors.

While some of them were amazing, some of the courses and the coaches are amazing. What I was missing and I’ve discovered this, I really just discovered this in the last year or so, the traditional method doesn’t work for us because we are different. Because the very fact that we are therapist and coaches means that we care about people, at the core of it, we care about people. And we want people to succeed, we want them to get past the traumas that they’ve experienced in their lives and move through to a better way of being.

Sometimes the traditional marketing methods can be all about drive forward, push through, that masculine energy type of thing. I know that when I was moving through my business life I guess. I have just found those marketing techniques, they don’t just land with therapy clients, with people who are struggling in life and my main niches were fertility and pregnancy. The thing is that when people are stuck in their lives, they just feel pain and the traditional marketing method which are all about push through, drive through, you know give the classes, give the webinars, give the master classes and then send 10 or 6 emails.

It just isn’t successful all the time for us and then we’re left wondering why don’t I have enough clients. Or maybe perhaps you are attracting the wrong kind of clients, that’s what something that can happen quite a lot when you are not really fully aligned with marketing methods that you might be using or strategy.

So as a hypnotherapist at my core, I know that dealing with people on a conscious level will only get you so far and that when I have found over my career that I have toyed with many different tools and methods and strategies to get clients but also to help them when I’m actually working with them. And what I’ve discovered over time is that it has to be authentic, it has to be true to you for it to work, it has to feel aligned. I know that when sometimes you’re pushing through with somebody else’s model of what works, it can really feel that you are out of alignment – misaligned, and when you do that, we tend to hide, I’ve been there.

The message that I want to give to you today is “Your ideal client, your dream client or group of people you may really want to work with, they really have to see you, fully see you”. I believe there’s a big difference between being visible and being fully seen. I really believe that when you decide to be fully seen that’s when your business soars. Because you may suffer comparisonitis, you may wonder whether your methods are right, you may feel like you are pushing through and things don’t feel right to you. Normally when things don’t feel right, they are not right.

So my invite to you today is to just “do you”, just do you and see what happens because even though you might feel like somebody over here is much more outgoing than you, somebody over here is way more successful than you, somebody over here seems to have endless clients and never has a problem in replenishing their client diary. But the thing is your ideal client who you’re the perfect match for could really be out there but they can’t see you if they can’t see you, how do they know that you are the right person for them? Because you absolutely are the right person for somebody, I guarantee you that.

But if you are hiding behind busy work, if you are procrastinating, if you’re very very busy, busy..I’ve been there where you are so busy, so busy but actually your income and your impact isn’t matching that busyness then perhaps it’s time to let yourself be seen. All of you. Because your dream clients really really need to see all of you, because ultimately if there’s one thing I have learnt over the years, all these years of learning and growing as a therapist myself it’s that if you are trying to be somebody else or if you are trying to emulate someone else’s ways or the way that they run their business or the message that they give to their clients.

Then what’s going to happen? Ultimately what’s going to happen here is that your ideal clients that signs up with you, perhaps they sign up with you for your program, for your life changing program and suddenly they meet a different version of you on the other side. That’s going to feel odd. So, be unapologetically yourself, because not only will it attract the absolute perfect client for you, and make you be magnetic to your ideal clients.

It will just feel so much better for you because if you are like me and you have very much decided to devote your profession to helping other people have better lives, then being yourself is kind of non negotiable. Because ultimately, I know we can do a lot of work obviously as a therapist, I’ve done a lot of work on myself but ultimately our personalities are what they are. And we really just don’t need to try to change to be somebody else, yes we can do in our work of course and iterate and improve ourselves but ultimately you are the perfect person, you are the perfect therapist or coach for your ideal client.

So in your messaging be you, in your videos do you. If you are a quiet introverted person in life, then let that be you. If you are loud and you’ve got an amazing sense of humor and you love to have some fun, let them see that side of you too. I promise it’s going to feel so much better for you and your ideal client is going to love you before they ever to sign up to work with you.

That’s my message for today – Just do you. Thank you and bye for now.