Fertility and Hypnotherapy

Can you imagine?

Shifting the emotional roller coaster of stress, turmoil, agony and endless disappointment and transforming it into a much more balanced, relaxed and harmonious experience? (which incidentally is better for baby-making too!)

There’s so much medical help out there and a million physical ways to prepare your body for conception.

If it was just about the physical, then surely the success of fertility treatments should be averaging at much more than somewhere between 20-35%?

All the medical treatment in the world will not create a pregnancy if your mind is contributing to blocking the flow.


If mind and body and spirit are not addressed equally, I believe the journey to becoming a parent can be so much longer and much more difficult.

Here are ways I can help:

Fertility Hypnotherapy 1 to 1

Tailored, individual 1 to 1 work with Claire. Experience deep personal transformation and increase your chances of pregnancy success.

Programs & Courses

See our current fertility programs, self -paced courses and group experiences, designed to make your powerful mindset your greatest asset on your journey.

Who is fertility hypnotherapy for?

Fertility coaching is a good fit if:

  • You’ve started thinking about becoming pregnant and you want to get your body and your mind in an optimal condition for conception.
  • You have been trying to conceive for a while unsuccessfully or been diagnosed with a physical issue which is preventing the reproductive process.
  • Your thoughts about getting pregnant are becoming all-consuming.
  • Your self-worth has been damaged as a result of fertility problems.
  • You are considering some form of fertility treatment & you need emotional support.
  • You have experienced failed treatment, you are losing hope and it is having a negative impact on your life.
  • You have experienced miscarriage or other levels of loss and disappointment on your fertility journey and you are fearful or unsure of your next steps.
  • You want to receive support from a coach who has been through multiple fertility treatments who can empathize with you while helping you.

Fertility Faith Affirmations

Affirmations have been proven time and time again to be a powerful tool for change.

I am often told how loved these inner power words are and how they are both comforting yet empowering.

Our words really do shift our behaviour and shape our reality.

Get your daily burst of fertility faith here (just 7 minutes long)

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