Arianna Huffington said making money and doing good in the world do not have to be mutually exclusive. What are your thoughts on this?

Do you feel like to be able to have success that you must sacrifice something else? Or do you feel like as a coach, a healer, a therapist that you can’t charge high prices because the person is struggling and you feel like you are not being therapeutic or charitable or healing in charging well for your services.

What are you not taking action on your business because you don’t feel brave enough to proceed with it or to share it? Where in your business are you tied to an identity that you think is better than who you are now and is causing you a lot of stress?

Today, I just want to touch on these things because it’s something that I hear and something that I’ve experienced personally as a Therapists for 12 years now, is this idea that making money and being of service must be mutually exclusive. They really don’t need to be, helping people and having freedom, having abundance in our lives they can actually coexist quite comfortably. But if you are believing that they can’t then that will be so.

So this shows of many times as visibility issues, or sense of censoring yourself, not wanting to say what you really want to say or not sharing your offers with your ideal clients because you fear that you might be judged or that somebody may say “who does she thinks she is” or what it might be. 

But the problem with this thinking is that people are paying for things that they value all the time. And this is the thing, sometimes we can kind of put ourselves down a bit of rabbit hole saying “nobody will pay for that” or “I can’t charge that much for my services”. And the thing that I’ve learnt over the years, many many times, is that people will always find money for what they value and that’s the truth and that’s coming from somebody who has worked in sensitive niches such as fertility and pregnancy and birthing. And what I have found is that when people value your service and when you express what your offer is, because there is a difference between selling a program and good offer. 

When people understand how their lives are going to be impacted and how they can move away from the pain that they are in and when they trust you as a person and they’ve gotten to know you on some level as a person either through your content or your messaging, your videos or whatever it may be and they trust you. If those people trust you and want to work with you, they will find the investment to work with you. 

And where the trouble starts is when you are sharing your message but you don’t feel aligned because you feel like you want to hide because you don’t want to mention the price or however this may present itself. What tends to happen here is that you’ll hold yourself back from actually presenting your offer, you’ll find every excuse in the book to actually divert completely from sharing what it is that you can offer your ideal clients, and then you’re just doing everyone a disservice. Because your dream client that you can absolutely help to facilitate transformation with is then going without your help, and perhaps going to somebody else who’s not even remotely as qualified as you to help them. 

So, really, a great mentor of mine said many years ago “when you withhold your offer for fear of not wanting to mention your prices, you’re being a little bit selfish”. And I remember when I heard that I thought, “Oh, it’s true”, because you are actually depriving. If you look at it that way, flip it, flip it a bit and think “Am I depriving the people that need me by not sharing what it is I have to offer”, because the thing is that it’s none of our business to decide for our client what they can and can’t afford. 

And sometimes yes, people may not have access to a huge amount of funds but sometimes they can find it when something like an emergency comes up or something comes up to do with health or anything else they tend to. I’ve done it, having been somebody who’s gone through multiple IVFs, at times when we didn’t have the money for them, we found it. And it was because it was a need, it was something that wasn’t a nice to have, it was a have to have.

And so really, your job is to express to your clients, to your audience how you can help them to get beyond their pain, to move beyond their pain and to get to the place where they are actually free of their problem. So, if you’re hiding because you don’t want to mention prices then how are they going to find you? You need to remove money blocks that limit your coaching business success.

So this is my message for today, Please know that helping people and making money do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can do both. 

Thank you and bye for now.