Today I want to tell you in the nicest possible way that it’s not about you. Now, you may say “What Claire are you talking about?”.  

What I’m talking about here is a lot of the time when coaches, therapist, people a little bit like me are thinking about putting ourselves out there and sharing our message so that we can find the clients that we can really help, we struggle with the visibility piece. And we get a little bit scared about putting ourselves out there, and what I’d love to invite you to think about today is to shift your focus, shift your focus gently away from yourself and instead learn to shine the spotlight on your ideal clients, on your dream people that you love to serve.

Because it’s not about you. And here’s the thing, I’ve been here, I’ve been here where I’ve thought “Ughh. I don’t want to go live today, because..what will they think if I have a message to share, what if someone criticizes me, what If someone judges me, what If I get pulled up on what I’m saying.” 

 I’ve been there. I guess I should say that I’ve been through everything that I suggest and advise you on here. But what I have learned over the years working with so many clients, and also working with therapists and coaches is that when we focus on ourselves we’re missing the point. It’s not about us, it really isn’t.

And when we get to that mindset of making it “about me”, then we’ve got the completely wrong focus. Because if we can get to a place where we are just thinking “how can I serve?”, taken the spotlight off – “Am I a good enough and is my message okay?” to shifting that over to how can I serve, instantly things change, everything changes.

When you ask yourself before writing a post or making a video, if you ask yourself  – is this good enough, am I good enough? Is it enough? Whatever all this self talk you may have, instead of saying that, how would it feel to instead say “what do my people need”, what could I impart to just one person today that may make an impact on them?

And when you shift your focus over to that it makes an instant change, it makes a transformation in you and in the message that you share. So stop asking Am I good enough and instead ask what do my people need.

Because the thing about it is when you are in this place of focusing on your self. Most of the time it’s to do with some inner conditioning that we have about ourselves, possibly one that’s been there for a very long time, but when you start looking outwards from your self instead of looking from the outside in, when we start looking outwards from ourselves what happens is the message that we’re wanting to share become so much more important than anything else.

And therefore, the message becomes way more important than your fear. Fear is your friend, I don’t want to suggest in any way that you need to be fearless to be able to be successful in business. The very opposite of that fear is that it’s our friend that’s here to protect us. But we can let it sit along with us, we don’t need it to take over the show.

Honestly, when you look outwards from yourself and put the spotlight on your dream client on your ideal client instead of on yourself, you will notice a massive shift. And it will make you show up as the real you, the authentic you.

Because the thing about it is, when you are hiding yourself, or when you are not showing up or maybe hiding a little bit in general. Your ideal client does not miss out on your amazingness, and that’s just doing everyone a disservice. So bear in mind, that putting yourself out there, yes, it can be scary, but doesn’t it feel good when you’ve done it? Doesn’t it feel good?

Because as I always say your ideal dream client is out there, and you are the person they need to hear from, just you. And if you can just shift that focus to “Am I good enough” to “How can I serve”, to “Who needs to hear my message today, what do my people need today?”. You will very much make a massive shift in your own self and in the success of your business.