How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Boost Your Fertility

“I’ll be happy once I’m pregnant”… We say that a lot, for sure. And then there’s the excitement and anticipation — “Once I have my baby in my arms, I’ll finally be happy”. I totally get that, because I said it myself many times.

I need to tell you that it is flawed.

It is flawed because your baby needs you to be happy now. Pregnancy can be difficult, you may experience a long road of fertility struggles, grief, sadness and disappointment.

It is even more difficult, especially if you haven’t addressed those issues, because this won’t just immediately evaporate once you get the positive pregnancy test.

I’ll be straight with you because I don’t want you to get stuck. I was in that situation and when I finally made my way out of being stuck, it was the realisation that life is happening now.

I’m sure you’ve heard of that statement “excuse me your life is waiting”, I think it’s a book. I think I saw it from a shop when I was getting help from my fertility struggles. And I thought “Yeah, you know what? Life is happening now and I can’t do the I’ll be happy once I have a baby” mentality.

Because ultimately being a parent is difficult, it’s actually one of the hardest jobs of your life, and guess what?  You need to be mentally strong for your child. You cannot expect all of the stress, anxiety, fear, worry, the devastation, the grief and loss – these won’t magically evaporate when you get pregnant.

 I’d love to say it does. But I can tell you, it doesn’t – it didn’t for me and for many of the ladies I support their pregnancy, it can show up later on, it can show up during birth.

I was prompted to make this video because I came across my Jar of Miracles. The reason it took my eye and inspire me to talk about this is because I don’t have enough miracles in there. I just realised I haven’t been putting stuff in their daily.

I highly recommend no matter whether you are in the toughest battle of your life right now, gratitude and attitude of gratitude actually tell the universe you mean business.

And it tells the universe that you are ready to invite something new in, that you are not just waiting powerless for something to be done to you, for something to happen to you, for the doctors to now tell you that you’re okay or not okay or your chances are really slim.

Because if you’re in that place, which I’ve been there. You are really disempowered, and you are going to find it difficult to get through this journey in a peaceful way. And you are also making it more difficult for your baby to come through, for your baby to be able to make its way into your body. Because your baby, really, it starts with a thought and it’s all about energy as well.

Energy is not a spiritual thing, energy is a science thing. I do feel strongly about this when you start to appreciate the tiny things in life you will start to see opportunity open for you, you will start to own your own experience rather than waiting for somebody to tell you that you are a fertile woman or not. Or waiting for a doctor to say to you-you’re chances are 12%  or 34%.

I understand that being given those figures, is just devastating, but I really want to encourage you to take charge of your own fertility, to be a creator, a conscious creator of your own experience. And the ways you can do that are things like making a Jar – every day I think what was a wonderful thing today.

Ask yourself, do you look for the miracles each day? I absolutely know when you are struggling to have a baby, it’s hard to see the miracles. I know that I’ve been there, I’ve been in those dark places too. But I promise you that when you start to look for good things in the world. When you start to say, “you know what, this is a beautiful day” and go out to nature and put your feet on the grass, on the earth and feel grounded.

And even just sit and drink coffee in your favourite coffee shop, look around and notice the beauty in small things. I know it’s hard, but I really encourage you to do it, because you will notice the difference in how you experience the world and how you travel through your path to finding your baby.

So, gratitude jar is a good idea. And another great idea is to make an emotional bank account – a bit like your own bank account – sometimes it can be in a great place, and sometimes it’s not in such a great place. But likely to think about your emotions as you would place a deposit in a bank account and how you withdraw.

I mean notice on a daily basis, make a list at end of the day or the start of the day, whichever works for you. Make a list what were all of the deposits you made today into your emotional bank account, what were the things that filled your cup, that made you feel good, and that give you a little boost.

I want those on one column, and another column – what depleted you today, what happened to make you feel bad about yourself, what happened that you made you feel less of a person today.

Look at the end of the day and notice where is the imbalance. Some days withdraws can be a heavy one. Ask yourself what can I do tomorrow or today to make sure that my emotional bank account is going to be in credit. You want to get all the credits in there, you want to start looking for places that you can fill into your deposit column until both are equal. And work on getting all those withdrawals to be a list that is lesser in the month that you are making entries. It’s all about getting your emotional account into a credit, getting it to a really good place.

Look for the miracles each day and focus your attention on the positive things.

Download these Gratitude Journals.

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