Below is a list of some of the most common questions we receive:

If you have a question about working with Claire to increase your chances of pregnancy and your question is not addressed here – please feel free to email us at hello@clairebrett.me.

What is fertility coaching?
Fertility coaching massively reduces the huge negative impacts that infertility is having on your life and helps you to boost your chances of pregnancy through the power of mind-body medicine – so that you can live life more joyfully once more and hold space for the baby you so desire from a place of balance and positivity.

Coaching and hypnotherapy is not so much about telling or advising. However through the therapeutic process – goals, steps and actions are more easily identified and worked through. Our working relationship is collaborative in nature.

We use techniques and tools such as mindfulness, guided meditation, cognitive therapy, hypnosis and solution-focused fertility coaching to bring about positive transformation in all areas of your life – while also boosting your fertility naturally.

Can you advise me on medical fertility protocols and what my next steps should be?
Sorry, no.

Fertility coaching is not a substitute for medical care and I will always advise you to refer to your fertility doctor / care provider with your medical fertility questions.

I can certainly (if we are working together) guide you towards things that I found helpful along my own extensive fertility treatment experience – but my experience and medical history is not yours ,so my focus is always on assisting you purely from an emotional and mental well-being perspective and mind-body techniques to enhance your experience and increase your chances of success. That is my area of expertise.

Is this a substitute for medical fertility care?
As above – no – but this is a wonderful compliment to medical fertility care.

Each individual may or may not require assisted fertility methods.

And each individual will have varied responses to  medical protocols. I do not advise you on what to do medically, as I am not a medical doctor.

I always advise my clients to refer to their fertility caregiver with all medical questions.

Would I need fertility coaching if I am doing ivf?

In fact, I would advise that it is crucial for both handling the challenging process AND increasing the chances of a successful IVF outcome.

Over 20 years of Harvard University research has consistently shown that participating in a mind-body support program can increase your likelihood of IVF success by 55%!

I’ve paid out so much money already. How can I be sure this is worth the investment?
Oh, I hear you, believe me – I’ve been there!

Unfortunately, I cannot offer guarantees of pregnancy (just like any fertility clinic can only offer odds of less than 35% in the main).

What I would ask is – what will it cost you NOT to do this?
If you’ve found yourself exploring this avenue of support – it’s most likely because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and the negative impacts on your life are huge.
Relationships, joy in life, happy career, sense of purpose.

Many of my clients go on to have healthy babies after we work together.

At the very least, they get the joy and spark in their lives, relationships and career back – what is that worth to you?
(By the way, – as a data point, of all the clients I have worked with over the past 10 years – approximately 70% have taken healthy babies home.)

How do I know when to start this type of work?
It’s never too early.

Sadly though – many people come to me at the point where they are extremely depleted and worn down from years of unsuccessful ivf treatment, multiple pregnancy losses and years of toll taken on their lives.

I absolutely can and have helped them to move out of this place, but I do recommend using mind-body tools for fertility as a priority when trying to conceive – not as a last resort.

The tools and techniques and subconscious reconditioning serves you for life!

What steps do I take to book in with Claire?
Go to the Coaching Page here:


Select the package you want, click on the green ‘Book’ buttons to select – then you’ll be taken through the process of booking in your first appointment.

If you need guidance or wish to ask Claire which program is best for you, then book a 20 minute call here:


How does fertility coaching and pregnancy hypnotherapy help women to conceive and have happier, calmer pregnancies?
When we are calm in mind, our bodies are able to Rest, Digest & Reproduce!

When stress and anxiety are present, it throws our bodies out of balance and we activate the Stress Response (Fight /Flight). This is not an optimum environment for conception to take place – in fact it gets pushed way down the order of importance (survival and protection are your subconscious mind’s primary drivers).

Since our higher cortical functions are activated and our unconscious resources are more readily available to us in a state of hypnosis, we are more easily able to find solutions and resolve problems.

Hypnosis and IVF
Whilst the applications of hypnosis and guided visualization are extensive and varied, there are four main ways in which we can use hypnosis to help people going through IVF.
Firstly, clients can be taught how to achieve a deep state of relaxation using hypnosis which will help to significantly reduce levels of stress.
Secondly, hypnosis can be used to ensure that they have access to the skills and inner resources needed to cope better and handle an unsuccessful outcome more easily. Thirdly, hypnosis can be used to help people prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for IVF.
This preparation can range from positive lifestyle changes, changing limiting beliefs to eliminating a needle phobia.
And lastly, hypnosis can help to increase the chances of a successful outcome by more than double!

How do I know if fertility coaching is right for me?
Fertility coaching is a good fit for you if:

-You’ve started thinking about becoming pregnant and you want to get your body and your mind in an optimal condition for conception. 

-You have been trying to conceive for a while unsuccessfully or been diagnosed with a physical issue which is preventing the reproductive process. 

-Your thoughts about getting pregnant are becoming all-consuming.

-Your self-worth has been damaged as a result of fertility problems.

-You are considering some form of fertility treatment & you need emotional support.

-You have experienced failed treatment, you are losing hope and it is having a negative impact on your life.

-You have experienced miscarriage or other levels of loss and disappointment on your fertility journey and you are fearful or unsure of your next steps.

-You want to receive support from a coach who has been through multiple fertility treatments who can empathize with you deeply,  while helping you.

Do you do one-off sessions?
Mostly, no – not unless you are an existing client or a client returning in pregnancy / for hypnobirthing sessions.
Many of my clients have been amazed by the huge transformations that have occured in their lives after just a few sessions – but in all transparency, one session is generally not enough to create significant and lasting change in beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaviour which (in many cases) have taken years to form!
If you’ve been going round in circles with still no baby to show for it – then perhaps it’s time to take a different approach.

The work we’ll embark on together is deep and transformational. It’s not a quick fix.

If you want to just ‘try’ this with 3 other things you’re giving a go this month – please don’t book a call or group of sessions.

It won’t be right for you. That’s me being entirely honest 🙂

And yes, I tried to fast-track this process myself when I was struggling too – but I truly don’t think I would be a mother now if I hadn’t treated the inner work as if my life depended on it.

Does it actually work?

Research carried out across 20+ years tells us that hypnosis and other mind-body programs can increase chances of pregnancy and MORE THAN DOUBLE the likelihood of IVF success!

Claire covers these in her programs.
Check out some of that research here for just some of the mind-blowing evidence of the efficacy of including mind-body techniques in your fertility regimen:


How do I know which session package is right for me?
For some it’s a financial decision to book the 3 session package initially.

Honestly – my clients see the biggest levels of transformation through the 6-session package.

If you should become pregnant before our sessions are complete, I am also a pregnancy and birth coach – so we can easily transfer any remaining sessions into that type of support (it’s always such a joy when that happens too!)

We explore so many layers of emotional and mental health and wellbeing together – but it really is a process and these are tools for life. They will serve you in pregnancy and as parent too!

Do you see both partners together?
Not for 1 to 1 services.

Some of my coaching programs welcomes partners (and many of my ladies tell me their partners love listening in on the support audios with them).

When I work in fertility clinics, I often work in groups with both partners.

I often add support programs for partners in my courses / programs hub here:


How do the sessions work and how many will I need?

Sessions are held via online video call (Zoom) and so wherever you are in the world, we can connect by you simply clicking the Zoom link I will send you.

The amount of sessions will vary per individual – but if you’re unsure, either drop me an email (outlining your current circumstances and goals) and I will help to guide you to the right package for you.

Alternatively you can book a Q and A Connection Call with me (where I can guide you to the right package for you here:


What are the alternatives to 1 to 1 coaching packages?

Perhaps you would like to go through one of my audio programs / self-paced courses? See them here: 


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